Samstag, 23. Juli 2016

switch - kidsroom - bedroom

The girls have now a bigger room and we moved in a tiny sleeping room, but I'm really happy with the result: less toys in the living room, no need to store toys and clothes in our closet, everything has a home in the room where it should belong. 
It's a challenge to live in a 100m² apartment which not much extra storage room, especially when you are a maker and hoarding lots of handcraft stuff (like fabrics, yarn, buttons, papers and so on). By the way , my husband is also very good in hoarding things, media stuff like comics, dvd's and so on;-)

 We kept the blue wall in the girls room for our bedroom and it matches with our cupboards very well. 
Really like the bluw together with the palepink and the brass, the wood  and the white.

On the last 2 pics you can see the chaos which we had here for 2 days while painting and rearranging.
Can you spy our little girl in the last pic.

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