Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

shop opening

 I opened finally my ravelry shop to sell patterns mainly for baby and kidsknitwear! Luckily I directly sold one ;-)  I plan to puplish more patterns soon...

Please visit my small shop and let me know your thoughts.

the babyblanket you see on the lower picture is listed now in my dawandashop

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

it's all about knitting these days

At the moment I'm working on some own knit designs including instructions. It's a lot of work. Creating  a piece in a new design is definitly the fun part, but defining the sizes and measurments and scale it up and down it's a bit harder than expected.
Anyway, I nearly finish some pieces (including the instructions)  of the collection. Until now 2 cardigans, a ballerina-t-dress, a playsuit...
Started also a summer shorts and a baby romper......
I hope that I soon finish some of the patterns, including testknitting and than I will share them with you on ravelry.