Montag, 31. Oktober 2016


Slowfashion (-october)  means to me to made a lot of clothes for my kids' autumn- and winterwardrobe by myself or buy on fleamarket, secondhand and so on. ! For the selfmade clothes I try to use only fabrics and yarn from my stash!
I think I bought in 2016 only one time a few jerseyfabric and maybe 2 or 3 times yarn for special projects! Thats really, really less than the past years. Let's see how long I will need until I empty my stash;-)

Here some impressions of my #memadeclothes for #slowfashionoctober

1.the girls in there ELSASWEATERS (pattern is in the testknitting befor it will be published in ravelry)

 2.The ENIECARDIGANS (also in testknittingphase) and the ELSASWEATERS. Love to make same clothes in different colours for them.

  3. The ELSASWEATERS in the making.

 4. Some really nice stuff fromlocal fleamarket (the minti corduroy dress is handmade and cost only 2 Euros).

 5. Made a quicksew dress with a more than 15 years old stashfabric. Just add a skirtpart to a memade shirtpattern....

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016


New pattern in the making!
I love this cardigan, it has so many nice details and it was really fun to knit!
I did the violet version in this 4 colours, because I didn't had enough of one colour  (you now, I'm still trying just to use yarn from my stash), but have to say I really like the result!
Violet is not my colour, but my older daughter picked it. The more I love the seafoam colour of the 12-18month version. The yarn I used is cool wool by lana grossa and drops babymerino!

#eniecardigan #cardigan #knittedcardigan #kitting #knitforkids #knitforbabys #coolwool #lanagrossa #dropsbabymerino

Samstag, 23. Juli 2016


There are endless possibilies of fantastic lamps. And also unlimited costs of yourse...
So I needed one year to decide if this, the PH5 by Louis Poulsen,  is really the perfect lamp for our dining room. 
But yeah, it is. Some weeks ago we fixed it and couldn't be happier with the result! love it!

switch - kidsroom - bedroom

The girls have now a bigger room and we moved in a tiny sleeping room, but I'm really happy with the result: less toys in the living room, no need to store toys and clothes in our closet, everything has a home in the room where it should belong. 
It's a challenge to live in a 100m² apartment which not much extra storage room, especially when you are a maker and hoarding lots of handcraft stuff (like fabrics, yarn, buttons, papers and so on). By the way , my husband is also very good in hoarding things, media stuff like comics, dvd's and so on;-)

 We kept the blue wall in the girls room for our bedroom and it matches with our cupboards very well. 
Really like the bluw together with the palepink and the brass, the wood  and the white.

On the last 2 pics you can see the chaos which we had here for 2 days while painting and rearranging.
Can you spy our little girl in the last pic.

Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

something old, something new, something borrowed, SOMETHING BLUE

 Today I finished another RTB-bridalbouquet: "something blue"  in blue,white and silvergrey.
it's available in my dawanda shop
Hope you like it as much as I do?!

Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

bridal bouquets in the making

Working on some bridal bouquets which will be available in the dawanda shop within the next few days!
 The one on the pictures above  is called  "vintage pink" and it's already available.